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The framework of HIC’s Impact Investment Mandate (“I.I.M.”) is based upon the guidelines and best practices articulated in the U.N. Principals for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) and the International Finance Corporation’s (“IFC”) Operating Principles for Impact Management- each of which HIC endeavors to become a signatory of by 2022


The bridge between research and better patient outcomes for unmet pediatric conditions

Advance the quality of care

Increase patient access to cutting edge treatment irrespective of location

Reduce the cost of care

Improve patient outcomes irrespective of location

As an impact venture fund, achieving an attractive fund performance, being an impetus of positive change within pediatric patient care, and making a constructive impact in society are inherently connected. No other venture capital impact fund executes both a pediatric and indication centric investment thesis and makes a tangible internal impact commitment akin to HIC’s approach.



As part of the IIM, HIC will donate a percentage of the General Partner Carried Interest to select Centers of Medical Innovation and Care Excellence to advance healthcare research and innovation.

Support research at the most nescient stages of discovery and innovation

Assist in strengthening and expanding upon HIC’s existing relationships with renown Centers of Excellence

HIC requests nothing in exchange for this donation

Limited Partners and their Carried Interest allocation is not impacted or adjusted as a result of

this donation

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