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HIC is comprised of individuals who are cancer survivors, descendants of survivors, and those entrusted to “Carry the Torch” for patients taken from us at the hands of the disease.


HIC is a tenured, diverse, and cohesive team of venture investors and medical innovation executives who have worked together to finance and advance some of the healthcare industry’s most important technological and service advancements.  This unique team possesses a track record that encompasses over 125 years collectively of achieving significant exits and venture returns within HIC’s target indications and health sectors.  Coupled with HIC’s scientific and medical advisors, who are leading physicians, C-suite executives, and researchers, the firm is a recognized thought leader and enabler in advancing innovative solutions across a pediatric patient's journey from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and ongoing care. 

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nicole walker.jpeg

Venture Partner, Investment Committee

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Of Counsel -
Non-Voting Investment Committee 

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Executive Director


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