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Health Innovation Capital and I-ACT for Children announce joint collaboration

Health Innovation Capital and I-ACT for Children announce joint collaboration to support the advancement of early-stage pediatric research and innovation

Boston, October 25, 2022: Health Innovation Capital, (HIC) a pediatric impact venture capital firm dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes for children globally and I-ACT for Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating and enhancing pediatric clinical trials, announce today the execution of a definitive collaboration agreement that creates an integrated impact platform for developing global ‘best-in-class" pediatric research and product innovation.

By combining the strengths and capabilities of these two organizations, healthcare providers and researchers will have the potential to advance cutting-edge pediatric healthcare innovation from “concept to bedside” more effectively and engage with patients in less time. The ability to leverage the existing pediatric center of excellence relationships of these two organizations into a cohesive solution will change how both patients and trial sites are engaged and integrated, irrespective of location into a holistic clinical research plan. By 2030, nearly 40% of the world’s population is projected to be under the age of 21. To address this changing demographic, healthcare innovators and investors alike need to create an integrated research and development platform from which novel pediatric patient specific treatment solutions can evolve.

“We believe that children of all ages deserve rapid access to innovative medical therapies that are developed with the same level of urgency and commitment as ones for adults,” said Andrew Meadow, General Partner of Health Innovation Capital. “I-ACT For Children's mission is aligned with this objective. Under Alex's leadership and accounting for their capabilities, I-ACT For Children is an ideal partner to bring quality innovation to children in a timely manner. HIC is confident that this collaboration with I-ACT For Children will provide the greatest benefit to healthcare providers, HIC’s portfolio companies, but most importantly – to the patients and their families who hopefully will be the recipient of these innovations. HIC is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with I-ACT For Children’s team to achieve greater access and outcomes for all pediatric patients.”

Alexandre LeBeaut, M.D., the CEO of I-ACT for Children, remarks that “there is a common interest here between VC, investment firms, biotech and the pediatric community at large. As we know, children are not miniature adults and deserve specific therapeutic solutions. I-ACT for Children provides access to one of the largest site networks which is uniquely focused on clinical trials leading to approval and labeling in children. Our seasoned pediatric site network is comprised of eighty-one sites with seventy-one in the US, and we provide education and support to streamline the process for recruiting, retaining and to eventually improve the performance of clinical trials. Through a rigorous feasibility assessment, our goal is to accelerate the implementation and execution of clinical trials. We strongly believe that through our partnership with HIC, we can help their portfolio companies to move forward in a timely way and ultimately progress development of innovation for children.”

About I-ACT for Children:

I-ACT for Children serves as a neutral and independent organization on behalf of children everywhere, bringing a dedicated voice to the advancement of new medicines and devices needed now and in the future. Their work engages public and private stakeholders through research and education, ensuring that healthcare for children is continually improved by enhancing the awareness, quality and support for pediatric clinical trials. To learn more, visit

About Health Innovation Capital, LLC

HIC is an independent venture capital impact fund dedicated to working with accomplished executives and best in class technologies that target the unmet medical needs of pediatric patients. HIC’s infrastructure, track record, and platform positions the firm at the forefront of the pediatric healthcare venture capital activity. HIC maintains a “double bottom line” performance metric to drive measurable improvements in pediatric care quality, access, and patient outcomes while simultaneously achieving alpha for Limited Partners. By taking a long-term view to pediatric health innovation, coupled with being an early adapter to market changes which have a positive impact in venture investing in solutions targeting this patient population, HIC has achieved a market leading position in childhood medical innovation. To reinforce HIC’s patient centric impact investment and ESG strategy, the firm has established The Health Innovation Capital Foundation, a not-for-profit entity that donates an expected 10% of the General Partner’s Carry Interest, or 2% of the firm’s overall return performance, back to select centers of pediatric healthcare excellence to propel the evolution of early-stage pediatric medical research, development, and commercial innovation. As part of the firm’s pediatric impact strategy, HIC’s investment thesis is global in nature, with nearly 25% of the fund's portfolio projected to be from outside the United States.

Additional information can be found at

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