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Addressing the unmet medical needs of Pediatric patients

Today is the time for investing in pediatric health innovation. Pediatric medical innovation represents one of the most significant gaps in healthcare; less than 10 venture funds possess a strategy to address this issue.

Currently, only 34 drugs are FDA approved specifically for pediatric carcinomas across 38 indications

6 drugs are approved to treat pediatric patients with toxicity associated with cancer treatment

In the last 25 years, FDA has received 30 new drug applications for pediatric- specific oncology indications:

  • 29 were approved

  • 12 were new molecular entities intended to treat pediatric cancer

The institutional changes that allow pediatric health innovation to become a viable unmet market opportunity

Policy changes by the FDA

  • Implemented programs to streamline and accelerate drug development and regulatory process

  • Executed policies for vulnerable patients⎼ early, limited and concentrated access to novel medical innovation

  • Reduced the drug approval time-line for treatments that target unmet needs

  • Requires new innovation to conduct pediatric focused research in parallel with efforts targeting other patient population, especially in Cancer and Rare Diseases

  • Created significant financial incentives for companies conducting research in rare/orphan diseases and pediatric research 

HIC’s capabilities, track record, and early unilateral engagement of key stake holders across the pediatric healthcare arena positions the firm at the forefront of impact investors within this evolving field of medicine

Prior to 2019, pediatric Treatment Options Lag Those Approved for Adults

% of Drugs Approved for Pediatric Indications, 2015-2019

Median 6.5-year lag between first-in-human and first-in-child clinical trials, with a range of 0 to 27.7 years*



% of Approved Pediatric Therapeutics treating Cancer, 2015-2019



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