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A pediatric centric approach to Healthcare Impact Investing:

HIC’s unique Care Continuum Investment Strategy


Investing across the entire care continuum of HIC’s targeted indications: from prevention, diagnosis and prognosis to targeted treatment and ongoing supportive care


Invest in indications and healthcare sectors that HIC possess demonstrated expertise and thought leadership

  • Financing stage and geographically agnostic

To mitigate risk, HIC collaborates with renowned thought leaders and centers of pediatric care excellence to assess an investment’s research and development risk, medical relevance and commercial viability

  • 10% of GP’s carry donated via The Health Innovation Capital Foundation to support innovation at these centers

Investing in established business models, not aspirational growth:

  • Support and partner with established, diverse and accomplished management teams that are at the forefront of evidence-based research and driving change in patient care and outcomes

As an Impact Fund:  to hold ourselves and HIC ‘s portfolio companies to a higher standard of success

  • Impact Investment Mandate targets opportunities with a direct and measurable correlation to improving pediatric care quality, affordability, access to innovative treatments, and enhance engagement and outcomes


Within HIC’s targeted indications, the investment focus is on those areas of the care continuum experiencing the greatest unmet medical need(s) and innovation neglect.


HIC’s pediatric health impact investing model, the firm’s success is measured by four equally important key performance indicators:

1) To invest in established, diverse, and effective management teams that are at the forefront of evidenced-based research and driving change in patient care and outcomes

2) To achieve a projected blended average return on invested capital performance that is in the upper quartile of all healthcare venture funds over the same investment period

3) To invest in disruptive health innovations that improve the quality of care, access, affordability, and outcomes for the patient populations within select indications

4) To build a portfolio of early stage opportunities that strive to achieve a tangible and measurable improvement within the impact outcomes defined in HIC’s Impact Investment Mandate (“IIM”). We will invest as early as 12-18 months from IND enabling studies

To further HIC's impact mandate, the firms General Partners will donate a portion of the fund’s Carried Interest (“General Partner Carry”) to select Centers of Excellence at the forefront of redefining how medical practitioners’ diagnosis, treat, and care for these select patient populations.

The foundation of HIC’s Investment Thesis, Operating Strategy, and Strategic Impact Investor Mandate is the belief that achieving an attractive fund performance, being an impetus of positive change within patient care, and making a constructive and lasting impact on society are

inherently connected.

HIC will also consider possible investment opportunities that are currently being developed for indications that afflict the adult patient population specifically, but are conducting parallel research of the lead compound in conjunction for use within pediatric indications that could have applicability to the pediatric patient population.

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