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We are a team of highly talented individuals leveraging over 140 years of collective experience in indication and pediatric population specific scientific research, medical care innovation, executive pharmaceutical leadership, and healthcare venture capital- to create a set of proprietary methodologies and processes to evaluate, measure, and address the inherent risk, unmet medical need, and significant upside investor potential inherent in pediatric healthcare innovation.


The unifying principles that define the historic success of HIC's partners include a commitment to an operating model that is based upon:

  • discipline in our investment process

  • collaboration among team members and third-party strategic relationships

  • consensus building among all stake holders

  • creativity in our investment structure

  • execution from initial sourcing to exit

  • accountability for the success of portfolio companies

Equally important is an inherent desire to increase the access to opportunities and outcomes for investors, portfolio companies, and team members. As part of this strategy, HIC works with renown medical practitioners, scientists, and thought leaders from over 30 healthcare centers of excellence in the US, Europe, and the Middle East to help evaluate and assess opportunities and to add greater insight into the medicinal relevancy and commercial viability of HIC's potential investments. Not only do these relationships provide the potential to mitigate the investment and development risk of each opportunity, but also serves as an additional high-value resource to assist with patient recruitment, trial design, and to assist with clinical research implementation.


To reinforce our commitment to the evolution of cutting-edge health innovation taking place at these centers of excellence, we have established The Health Innovation Capital Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which the firm donates an expected 10% of the General Partner's Carry Interest, or 2% of the firm's overall return performance, back to these centers of excellence to support early-stage research and development. This contribution is a true donation to support pediatric research in the areas of Oncology, Infectious Diseases, as well as select rare and orphan diseases- the firm asks for nothing in return from these institutions.

Targeted investment focus based on over 140 years of collective experience in oncology, rare and infections diseases, and pediatrics

Relationships that generate early access to high quality deal flow

Advisors who are key opinion leaders in pediatric care and medical innovation, collaboration with leading centers of pediatric care excellence

Existing pipeline of differentiated opportunities with the potential of being a best-in-class standard of care

A diverse tenured cohesive team of healthcare venture capitalists, medical innovation executives, and providers; possessing an extensive and impressive performance track record

Proven proprietary due diligence and risk assessment process

Significant syndication relationships with leading health venture investors

Committed to ESG Principles and GP Carry donation to drive pediatric health innovation

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